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Online Streaming Platform

How we helped them

We helped them by building a low-latency live streaming platform using Wowza Streaming Engine. We also built a real-time chatting system and added a virtual currency system for purchasing virtual merchandise. We integrated Paypal and Stripe as payment gateways, and added a tokenization system for live broadcasting. Finally, we load-balanced Wowza from multiple SEA locations to ensure low-latency streaming for all users.


Corporate Web Design

How we helped them

We helped them by building a responsive webpage and adding a job application form. We also added pages for their products and described their capabilities. In addition, we added a contact form, digital brochure and contact information.

Thanks to our efforts, their online presence in Malaysia has grown significantly. They are now able to reach more people and generate more leads.

Chugai Malaysia

Mission Critical Customer Support

How we helped them

We helped them by building a simple CRM to give them insights on KFC online users. We also added a dashboard with insights for online orders and driver ratings for online delivery in real-time. This allowed them to see where issues were occurring and address them quickly.

We also added a control for their online food menu, which gave them the ability to manage the menu for each store location all over Malaysia. Additionally, we added a control to purge faulty voucher usage by users and role-based-access-control for granular control over the system.

Finally, we added a log system to track each action performed by customer service staff.

KFC Malaysia

Recommendation Engine

How we helped them

We helped them by planning and developing a better navigation system. We also created a universal header and footer with javascript to match the look and feel all over their child systems. In addition, we built a recommendation engine based on their user interest. Finally, we revamped their entire system with a new user interface.

The result was a more user-friendly website with a recommendation system that helped users find the right services or resources. In addition, the new user interface was more visually appealing and easier to use.

MaGIC Central

Micro eCommerce

How we helped them

We helped them by building a multi-store e-commerce marketplace system and integrating Paypal as the payment gateway for transactions. We also built a complex search engine system for them with multi-layer sorting and filtering.


Single Sign-On Engine

How we helped them

We helped them by building an OAuth 2.0 authentication system. We also added control for users to opt-out from third-party login and added control for user profiles.

MaGIC Account

CMS Portal

How we helped them

We helped Sharefer by maintaining and hosting their platform on our cloud. We also built a dashboard system that included a content management system. This gave them control over their property listings, user base, and commissions.

Sharefer was able to continue operating without any interruptions. They were also able to control their property listings, user base, and commissions with the help of our dashboard system.


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Nick Tan
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" They were very easy to communicate with. "
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" I have been working with the team behind Antdragon for a few months now and I can honestly say that it has been one of the most pleasant surprises, to say the least. The continuous passion for our product and personal involvement in the team is impressive. And old-school support is also on point. Keep it up! "
Alan Yoo
Chief Technology Officer
" We like how they are easy to work with, and they give us our desired output. "
" I have no doubt that I will be using them for any future projects and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a quality, professional, and customer-focused team. "
Yeoh Lee
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