develop innovative and engaging secure web applications

We build web applications for any device and platform of your choice, using time-tested technologies that produce highly interactive frontends and robust backends. Our applications are easily scalable, so they grow with your business needs.

On-time, On Budget

We have a time-tested and refined agile process that will deliver your project quickly and efficiently; on time and on budget.

Visual Prototyping

To help you visualize the finished product at the start of the project and leave nothing to chance! End result accurately reflects your vision.


We invest the time and resources to understand your custom software development needs before any code is written.

Technology Nerds As Experts

We remain at the forefront of the latest innovation in custom software development technologies to ensure that your software is secure and flexible.

Best Bang For Your Buck

We deliver software faster and at reduced costs - without compromising quality.

Full Ownership

You can have peace of mind that Intellectual Property of the software belongs to you.


Types of web applications

Our custom web app development services cater to a wide variety of needs.

Business Apps

If you are in search of a web development agency to build world-class apps for your business, look no further! We develop applications that improve business efficiencies, build competitive advantages, and streamline process workflows. From custom portals to integrated mobile apps to legacy system integrations – we create solutions that deliver business success!

Web Portals

Carefully designed web portals can streamline business operations and improve communication by bringing together information from different sources under one platform. Web portals can be for internal organisation use or for external audiences (e.g. customers and/or vendors) or it could be a combination of both.

Business Web App

Popular features requested by our clients






Shopping cart


Payment gateway


Shipment Tracking

Shipment Return





Live chat

User profiles


Contact form

Event calendar

Social login

Push notifications

Reports or analytics

Email or SMS messaging

Artificial Intelligence

Social media integration

Third-party API integration

Voice or image recognition

QRCode or barcode scanner



No Strings Attached

It's no secret that the software industry is full of low-ball bids and cost overruns, but not with us. We accelerate development and manage software proactively to help you get the most out of your budget—no matter how big or small it is.


Starts from
2 to 8 weeks

This is the ideal solution for people who want to test the waters with their ideas without investing too heavily in them.

I want to build MVP


Starts from
2 to 6 months

This is the ideal solution for people who wants robust applications that has a lot of moving parts, and requires careful planning, design, development, and testing.

I want to build full product

Day Rate

Have a bug to fix? Or need a professional to code small features for your existing application? Or have a 3rd party API be integrated with your WordPress site? Hire us at a day rate to fulfil your requirement at RM800.
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Why Choose Us

We ship solutions that works

It’s also about spending the time up front to figure out what makes the most sense for your business and how it ties back to helping you achieve short-term and long-term goals.

We’re always conscious of our clients' budgets

We match your initial capital with a scope of work that you approve upfront. You set the budget limit, we’ll suggest code improvements that will give you additional value without increasing your costs.

We do not like unexpected events

We love building software, and value our relationship with our customers -- we want to make sure every project delivers something your customers love.

We’re very easy to work with

We are local, professional and friendly. We never use complicated tech jargon. We always listen to what you want, share our industry knowledge, and customize a plan that gives you exactly what you need.


Some Of Our Amazing Works


Online Streaming Platform

Our client came to us with the need for a low-latency live streaming platform that could be used by content creators all over Southeast Asia.

Chugai Malaysia

Corporate Web Design

They needed a place for people to apply for jobs at their company, and they also wanted to showcase their product and capabilities through online marketing.

KFC Malaysia
Food & Beverage

Mission Critical Customer Support

Their customer service department had no access to KFC online users' information, so they had no insight into online orders or driver ratings for online delivery.


Hear from our happy clients

" They understood our needs and budget and worked to meet those criteria. "
Nick Tan
Chief Operating Officer
" They know what they're talking about and show genuine interest in our project. They are very responsive when we need to make changes, suggest alternatives, and provide assistance. "
Head of Marketing
" They were very easy to communicate with. "
SK Leong
Managing Director
" I have been working with the team behind Antdragon for a few months now and I can honestly say that it has been one of the most pleasant surprises, to say the least. The continuous passion for our product and personal involvement in the team is impressive. And old-school support is also on point. Keep it up! "
Alan Yoo
Chief Technology Officer
" We like how they are easy to work with, and they give us our desired output. "
" I have no doubt that I will be using them for any future projects and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a quality, professional, and customer-focused team. "
Yeoh Lee
Senior Manager

About Antdragon

Creating digital experience for Malaysians

Creating life-changing opportunities for those we serve

At Antdragon, we build and maintain custom software to help growing companies tackle the frustrations of their existing systems. We not only help our clients create a unique competitive edge, we deliver the critical systems their employees and customers rely on for years to come.

Rosaan Ramasamy

Managing Director - Software Engineer

Rosaan Ramasamy


What does "web application development" mean?
It means we build custom web applications for businesses. We're not just building the app, though—we're also providing you with all of the services required to make sure your app is a success! We'll work with you to determine what kind of web application is best for your business, then get started on the design and build process.
What kinds of web apps do you create?
We specialize in creating business-focused web applications—anything from simple online stores to complex portals that extend beyond just selling goods or services. We also love working with small business owners who need help getting their first website off the ground and being able to operate it effectively without having to hire someone else.
Why should I choose custom web application development?
There are many reasons why you might want to choose custom web application development over off-the-shelf solutions. First of all, these solutions are often built for a very large number of people, so they don't necessarily fit your business' needs. Custom solutions can also be more tailored to fit your needs and your brand, which can result in better customer satisfaction. Finally, because the solution is built specifically for your company, there is less risk involved when implementing it into your business processes and workflow.
What are web portals?
Web portals are web applications that serve as a central point of access for your customers. They're typically used to organize and display information, such as customer service or billing data.
What's the difference between a business web app and a web portal?
A business web app is what you might think of when you hear "web application." It's software that allows users to interact with the company through an online platform. A business web app is often built for specific purposes (for example, CRM). A web portal is like a hub for all kinds of different business functions—such as customer service and billing—and it allows users to access those functions from one central location.
How does custom web application development work?
The first step is for our developers and designers to meet with you to understand your business goals and processes. Then they'll create a design plan based on those goals and start building your custom software. Once we have a working prototype, we'll test it out with some users and make adjustments as needed. Once everything works well and meets your standards, we'll launch it live!
How much does it cost?
We don't believe in one-size-fits-all pricing. The cost of a project varies depending on the size and complexity of your project. Here is an estimated cost breakdown: Minimal viable product starts from RM5,000 and full-service product development starts from RM20,000

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